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Coffee Break

Free Consultation

Of course we won't really get to know each other in one session! At this initial consultation we will assess if our partnership will work, considering your goals and my service scope. Does that sound fair? If so, let's get this introductory session on the schedule!


Holding Hands

Embracing Change

As life happens, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and unprepared. The ideal situation is to have individual sessions to work on each different area where change is desired until all needed areas have improved.  With these packages you will give yourself the time and space to change, address the blocks that are restricting your happiness and discover the path you want to take in life. 

Package of 4 sessions, $460

Package of 6 sessions, $650

Outdoors in Autumn

Discover Yourself package

With time we change, we evolve. One day we notice we feel lost, without a purpose or feel incomplete. Discover Yourself sessions will take the client through self-exploration to discover who you are at this point in your life and what makes you happy. This package is ideal for people who seek to reinvent or restart their life, change career or for teens who don't know which career path to pursue.

Package of 8 sessions, $780


Create Your Future package

Most of us have wanted to make a change in one or more areas of life. It varies from wanting to find time to exercise, to wanting to plan a vacation, with spending more time with the family and get a promotion somewhere in the middle. Because life never stops for us to think it through, this package was created to get clarity on the client's goals, address any obstacles, such as limiting beliefs or fears, and work through the steps to success. Ideal for people who want to make a change in one or more areas in their lives.

Package of 3 months (12 sessions), $1000

Friends Talking Outside

Small Group Session

Life coaching empowers you to make the changes you want in your life, to become who you want to be and there's nothing better than knowing you are not alone in this path. This will feel like a one-on-one coaching session where you explore your feelings, clear your obstacles and design the life that suites your authentic self. At the same time you will have extra support from a small group of people in similar situation. We are together to bring each other up and cheer each other on.

Package of 3 months (12 sessions), $600

Happy Family in the Park

Your balance

After you gained clarity and/or reached your goals with our coaching sessions, all you seek now is a balance in life and an accountability system. I'm here for you with these short but sweet sessions to keep you moving forward when there is a bump on the road. Find Your Balance is designed for you who want to maintain the accountability aspect of the session after the main coaching is completed. You are my priority.

Package of 6 - 30 minutes sessions, $325

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