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Christiane Drew,
Life & Mental Health Coach, ACC

It's your life, enjoy the journey

Mother. Wife. Designer. Teacher. Coach. Christiane has been the support person to many people throughout her life. A positive, energetic and authentic woman, she has inspired people to embrace the unknown, pursue their dreams, and put themselves first. Having lived in four different countries, Christiane knows the challenges to life's transitions and has designed her life as she dreamed it. She has a bachelor's in Graphic Design, master's in Marketing and an MBA. However, there was a piece still missing, that's when she switched focus and embraced her passion for helping others find their own happiness through personal growth. "It's never too late to redesign your life, find your your true self," she says.

Let Christiane guide you through a discovery process. You will cruise through your life transition organized and enriched with insights, accountability and support. Start this partnership now.

Sample of workbook
Sample of workbook
Sample of workbook

Want to get a free Self-exploration workbook?

Cover of free workbook

The Journey to Self-Improvement workbook has all the questions and powerful reflection prompts to get you started in your own personal growth. This is my gift to you, because I believe you are more amazing than you imagine.

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