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Life coach, what is it and how can it benefit me? 

What's Life Coaching?
It is a partnership between the coach and you, the client, where the coach
guides and empowers you to achieve your life goals. However, it is deeper
than that. The life coach is there to help you implement strategies to achieve the
desired results. Your life coach leads you through self exploration to identify
strengths and weaknesses, get insights on your sources of motivation, your
obstacles, and your dreams. We will clean the clutter and organize your
ideas, minimize your doubts and insecurities, develop sound and realistic
strategies to move you forward in different areas of life, while providing accountability and support.  

What are the steps?
The actual steps of the life coaching process change depending on the desired results. However, the general process stays the same. The discovery session allows us to get awareness of the changes you are looking for in life. From there we will work with powerful questions, self-exploration and organization leading to creating smart goals and implementing a strategy to get you there. 

How long until I see results?
Many people feel a sense of relief and calm after the first session. You may start seeing results right there and then, or by your second session. Clarity will come to you as we go through the process and start uncovering your inner self. Insights and accomplishments will follow. For example, if you are stressed with the inability to focus, after a couple of sessions we will have started to get an understanding on the true reason for that lack of focus. Then we might practice a few exercises on how to reduce that stress.

A life coach is not necessarily a partnership for a lifetime but for a time in your life when you need that support. As we discover what resonates with you, how to manage stress and time, how you can best cope with life's situation, how to get the results you desire, the need for a life coach won't exist anymore. The overall time varies with each person, but that can be assessed after the discovery session.

Do I need a coach?
Do you want a more fulfilling life? Do you feel being held back? Are you going through a transition in life? Are you overwhelmed or feeling stuck? Or you know what you want and where to go, but can't seem to get started. If you have tried to make changes on your own and it is just not working for you, you can struggle to figure it all out by yourself or call me and we will get you started moving in the right direction. Some people spend years considering a change of career. Others spend months trying to figure out how to settle in after a relocation or struggle to organize their hectic family life.  As your life coach, I will actually save you time and money (and a lot of headache!) by assisting you to move on with your life and reach the stars.


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Sample of workbook
Sample of workbook
Sample of workbook

Want to get a free Self-exploration workbook?

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The Journey to Self-Improvement workbook has all the questions and powerful reflection prompts to get you started in your own personal growth. This is my gift to you, because I believe you are more amazing than you imagine.

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