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Accepting how we feel

We are all emotional beings and it's part of life to feel those emotions. Resisting them, pushing them away, ignoring them won't make them disappear nor decrease in intensity in the long run. Actually, we might run the risk of those emotions becoming louder.

Why do we have these strong emotions such as frustration, sadness, anger, envy, shame, guilt, etc...? It's the way we humans experience life. It can also be a cue to say there's something out of alignment between our beliefs and assumptions and the outside world.

What if we accepted things the way they are?

What if there's no good nor bad?

What if we knew that it's OKAY to feel strong emotions?

What if we knew people who look perfect on the outside felt exactly the same way we do?

What would change for you?

In life coaching, we work with bringing alignment to your life so those emotions don't have to disrupt your day, nor month, nor year. Which emotions are you pushing away?

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