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Unleash Your Confidence:
A Blueprint to Self-discovery & Empowerment

Everyone has a critical and negative voice living inside them. For some, that voice is really loud and hindering them from pursuing their aspirations, keeping them small and scared. If you've had enough of that voice shutting you down, then it's time to awaken your confidence and reclaim your power.

Before I explain all about the program, let me share who this is for.

This program is designed to help those who struggle with self-doubt, fear of failure or rejection, who are held hostage by their impostor syndrome, but know that there's more to life, and are ready to uncover their power to truly take charge of their lives.


Unleash Your Confidence is right for you if you done letting that inner critic dictate who you are, what you do and how you show up and want to develop a strong belief in yourself so you can move forward in your life and career full of confidence and joy.


If you are...

     A mom who feels exhausted from trying to keep it all together but keeps failing, sees everyone else handling motherhood, house chores, family members while going to a ladies night with friends, while you can barely manage dinner on the table on time

     A dedicated businesswoman who really wants that promotion to take her career to a new level but can't advocate for herself and keeps playing small because she believes she is not quite good enough to deserve it

     A working mom who wants to go back to work but feels insecure of her skills and wants to increase her self-confidence

     A woman with dreams and desires but stays in the shadows just going along with whatever life throws her way because deep inside she believes she is not deserving

This is the right place for you!

Unleash Your Confidence will give you the tools, motivation and support to discover what makes you unique, embrace that powerful inner light and illuminate your way forward.

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By the end of this program you will have...

Chris has taken the time to craft a course that is far beyond just "gaining confidence".  She focuses on everyone's journeys and what's holding us back from going after what we believe in.  I noticed my confidence shifting when impostor syndrome would kick in. She helped me source the root of this problem and navigate it through!

Lara McLean


Unleash Your Confidence Program can change your life and it's OPEN for enrollment
Next session starting on April 16, 2024

Choose the pricing plan that works for you

A one-time payment of


Unleash Your Confidence Program: A one-time payment (a saving of $(98) for 8-weeks LIVE training

3 monthy payments of


Unleash Your Confidence Program:
3 equal monthly payments for 8-weeks LIVE training

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Let's take a look at what's inside

Module 1

Foundation on how the mind works

Discover the 5 rules of the mind

Understand the secret language of the inner critic

Experience your emotions in action and what confidence is to you

Identify the thoughts that are holding you hostage

Module 2

What makes you unique

Recognize what is your drive in life

Uncover your core values and lean into your strengths 

Connect to your fears to better understand how to handle them

See yourself as deserving and increase your sense of self-worth

Module 3

The stories we tell

Understand your beliefs and honor how they have served you

Become aware of the choices you have and what you are holding onto

Go through the process of making changes to clarify options and choices

Release your limiting beliefs and open up to the possibilities

Module 4

A new perspective

Start observing your life from a new perspective

Notice how far you've come and create a brag book

Become your own best friend and shower yourself with compassion

Increase your self-esteem by acknowledging your wins

Module 5

Meet your inner  leader

Meet your inner leader and find your source of light

Connect with your body and mind

Start to accept yourself as you are

Ditch comparison for good

Module 6

The power is within you

Recognize and trust your own power

Create abundance with gratitude

Focus on your new choices and take committed actions

Develop your own accountability and support system

Discover your future potential

These bonuses


Impact words and affirmation to boost confidence

Uncover the words and sentences which take your power away

Recognize your word patterns and the impact they have on you

Learn the choices you can make to feel empowered and confident

Develop your own affirmations

Select which technique will work for your life

Love Yourself_edited.jpg

Done for you journal

Notice when, where and how confidence is showing up in your life

Create your confidence boosts 

Prompts to release your trapped thoughts and emotions

Prompts to go deeper in self-exploration

Create your goals and action steps to move forward confidently

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Create your own vision board

Gain clarity on what you want your future to look like

Hone in on what you want to have accomplished in one year

Create your accomplishments statement

Design your vision board (on Canva, PowerPoint or a card board)

Anchor the vision board and statement with an vision exercise

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Next group starting on April 16, 2024

6 Modules and 2 group coaching sessions, LIVE for a total of 8 weeks, where I'll share with you EVERYTHING you need to know to unleash the confidence within you.  With each module you will get a workbook with lessons, exercises, activities and journaling prompts to support and keep you engaged every step of the way.

Get instance access in 3 payments of $265

Or make a one-time payment of $697 and save $98

Unsure if this is for you? Let's jump on a call to gain more clarity. Click here.

Do you have questions?
I have answers.

Q: How do I know if this program is for me?  If you have been struggling with self-doubt, impostor syndrome, feeling less than, overthinking, trying hard to get through the fear of failure, or fear of speaking up around others, and want to change all those thoughts and feeling that are weighting you down and finally feel good about yourself, then this program is for you.  If you are not sure, I'd love to jump on a call with you and assess what's keeping you stuck and if you'd actually benefit from this program. If that's not the case, I will make suggestions as to what you can do to get unstuck from where you are now.


Q: What happens when I join the program?   You'll receive an email with the information to access the portal and the pre-program worksheet. The modules will be available one at a time as to help you focus on lessons of the week and take things in small steady steps so that you can create the change with ease.  You'll also be invited to join our exclusive community Facebook group.

Q: Will the modules be available all at once or one at a time?  The modules will be available one at a time as to help you focus on lessons of the week and take things in small steady steps so that you can create the change with ease.  You'll be able to download the workbook so you can print it and follow along as we go through the program.

Q: How come it's an 8-week program but there are 6 modules?  The 6 modules are lessons, activities and exercises.  The workbook follows along.  Weeks 4 and 7 are implementation weeks, and there won't be any new modules nor workbook.  Instead we will have group coaching sessions to provide support, clarity and answers to any questions.

Q: How long are the sessions?  Each Module week we meet LIVE for 90 minutes. Each implementation week, we'll meet LIVE for 60 minutes.  As this is a small group, you'll be learning by asking your own questions and by paying attention to other participants' questions and answers.

Q: What kind of support do I get when I sign up? You will have access to the exclusive participant-only Facebook group.  You'll also have direct access to me via email and text.

Q: How long will I have access to the portal? You will have lifetime access to the portal for this program as well as any of the materials included with it, such as the workbook.  You'll also have access to any bonus that was included in your purchase.

Q: What if my questioned wasn't answered here?  If your question wasn't answered on this section nor anywhere else on this page, send an email to and I'll be happy to answer your question or even jump on a call with you.

Grab your spot here!

Get ready to gain a deeper understanding of your doubts, overcome insecurities , and build the tools and techniques to reframe your thoughts so that you become the secure, confident and fearless person you've always dreamt of. 

Get instance access in 3 payments of $265

Or make a one-time payment of $697 and save $98

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